About Me

Hello... And welcome to my world of cooking.

I am Poornima , a full time mom to a naughty baby. Introduced to the world of cooking after marriage, managed it quite well. Since we are from Palghat, my mom's cooking reflected both Kerala and Tamil Nadu cuisines. And since I am brought up in Hyderabad, exposed to Andhra cuisine as well. Stayed in Bangalore for some time, hence exposed to Kannadiga cuisine as well.

Married in a Punjabi household, learnt most of the Punjabi dishes from MIL. Currently staying in Pune hence you can find Maharashtrian influence in my cooking as well.
It is Masterchef Australia that got me interested in cooking.

I am proud to be a home cook and enjoying this role to the core.


  1. Hello Purni

    You have a great blog. I am from Ottapalam as well. Happy to know u.

  2. Thx dear... even you have an amazing blog...

  3. Hi Purni. You have a lovely blog. Love the range of recipes you have here with various influences.

    1. Thx dear... I think my cooking has always been influenced by the places that I have stayed.

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  5. Hi Poornima

    Your story also matches my story. A Gujarati married to a Mallu from Trivandrum. I always look for Kerala recipes and you blog has some great recipes. Inspired by so many talented bloggers like you and a problem that I was forgetting the bloggers I had referred in the past, I developed a site called www.itsPotluck.com . Please review the site and join other ~300 Indian food bloggers who have registered and shared their blog to make it the first Indian site to have so many bloggers in one site. Feel free to reach me at comments@itspotluck.com . Looking forward to you being a part of our growing community at www.itspotluck.com

    Happy Cooking


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